The 2023 International Day of Mathematics

This was the fourth celebration of the IDM since UNESCO proclaimed it in 2019.

Mathematics for Everyone

The theme chosen for 2023 was Mathematics for Everyone.

The theme was proposed by Marco Zarco Rotairo of the Trece Martires City National High School at Trece Martires City, Cavite, Philippines.

“I believe that Mathematics should be for everyone because all of us have mathematical ability, but only with varying extent and degree. Also, we must let everyone enjoy the wonders of Mathematics. The notion that Mathematics is only for the gifted and the genius must change.”

The same theme had also been proposed for IDM 2022 by the London Mathematical Society, based on the importance of improving Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in the mathematical community.

Mathematics for Everyone

Others also proposed this theme, with slight variations in the wording. Blanca Margarita Parra Mosqueda, from ENES León, UNAM, Mexico, says:

“Everyone needs mathematics in every aspect of their life. It is not only for specialized professional issues; it is not only for those who have a supposed gift. It is for everyone, every day.”

According to Fin McLaughlin from Cabot Learning Federation, Bristol, UK:

“Many see themselves as not being mathematical or that maths is not for them and yet it is for everyone and everyone is capable of thinking mathematically.”

Luis Miguel Paz Corrales, from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazan, Langue, Valle, Honduras, adds:

“In my opinion, access to mathematics should be democratized for everyone. Because traditionally, it has been believed that it is only for those who possess certain types of problem-solving skills. And research, mainly in Mathematics Education, has shown that Mathematics is compulsory all over the world because it contributes to the formation of competent citizens.”

The Mathematics for Everyone Comic Challenge

To celebrate the 2023 IDM we invited you to participate in our Comic Challenge by sending us a comic with mathematics created by you.

Like every year, people from all over the world showed their creativity, artistic skills, and ability to bring mathematics to everyone. We put some of the best submissions in a gallery of featured comics, and we also made an interactive map to explore and discover comics from all over the world.

See the featured comics Explore the interactive map

Mathematics for Everyone Comic Challenge

Many Celebrations

In 2023, people and organizations all over the world announced events in their cities:

The Global Online Celebration

From the start of March 14, 2023, in New Zeland until its end over the Pacific almost 48 hours after, we live-blogged photos of events and celebrations, videos, and featured posters from our challenge.

See the 2023 Online Celebration live blog.

Our main event in the online celebration was a live stream with special guest speakers. See the full program.

First session
Second session