How to translate Mathematics for Everyone

The theme for the 2023 International Day of Mathematics is Mathematics for Everyone. It's an invitation to share mathematics with every person on earth embracing equity, diversity and inclusion.

Want to know how to write the theme in your own language? We compiled a list of translations.

Arabic الرياضيات للجميع
Chinese (simplified) 给每一个人的数学
Chinese (traditional) 給每一個人的數學
English Mathematics for Everyone
French Mathématiques pour tout le monde
German Mathematik für alle
Hebrew מתמטיקה לכל
Italian Matematica per tutte le persone
Korean 모두를 위한 수학
Portuguese Matemática para toda a gente
Spanish Matemáticas para toda la gente
Matemáticas para todo el mundo *
Turkish Herkes için Matematik

* - We offer two translations for Spanish, because depending on your country one might feel more natural than the other. Please use the one you think is more appropriate. Ask your friends and colleagues for their opinion!

If you can't find your language in this list, and need to translate the theme, for your celebration, please make sure your translation doesn't leave anyone out.

If in your language the word for "everyone" is gendered, see how you can translate it in a more inclusive way. For example, in Portuguese, the theme is "Matemática para toda a gente", which literally means something like "Mathematics for all the people", avoiding this problem.

Some of our translations required a bit of creativity, and consulting with several people. Don't hesitate to ask colleagues, friends and relatives to help you find the best translation for your language.