Mathematics is Everywhere Worldwide Video

As part of the 2020 celebration of the International Day of the Mathematics we asked you to create short clips showing us how "Mathematics is Everywhere" with examples from your daily life, your activity, your hobbies, your passions or your town.

This is the video we put together from some of the best submissions, which premiered on the live global launch on March 14, 2020.

Our call was responded with a huge number of very creative and wonderful submissions and we couldn't manage to fit them all. Soon we'll publish even more of the videos we received. Meanwhile, here's a sampling of some of them.

Mathematics is in... chicken eggs!

Submitted by Bağcılar's Enderun Gifted Children's Center in Istambul, Turkey.

Mathematics is in... Mondrian!

Submitted by Martin Skrodzki from Wakō, Japan.

Mathematics is in... decision making!

Submitted by Wolfram Barfuß from Leipzig, Germany.

Mathematics is in... jumping rope!

Submitted by the Colégio Verde Água from Mafra, Portugal.

Mathematics is in... books!

Submitted by Ximena Mercado Garcia from Austin, USA.

Mathematics is in... bicycle gears!

Submitted by Birgit Schillinger from Schwetzingen, Germany.

Mathematics is in... a cup of coffee!

Submitted by Pedro Morales Almazan, from Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Mathematics is in... tiles!

Submitted by António Alves from Associação Atractor, from Porto, Portugal.

Mathematics is in... tree leaves!

Submitted by Débora Pereiro Carbajo, from Moaña (Galicia).

Mathematics is in... combinations!

Submitted by IDV. Özel Bilkent Middle School from Ankara, Turkey.

Join in and participate

Create your own video showing that Mathematics is Everywhere and share it on your favorite social networks. Use the hashtags #idm314, #idm314video and #mathiseverywhere.

Need ideas?

  • The distribution of seeds or number of petals in flowers.
  • Fractals in nature.
  • Patterns in the skins of animals and wings of insects.
  • Architectural landscapes: suspension bridges, arches, structures.
  • Mathematics in music
  • Interesting tilings in your city's streets
  • Decorative tesselations in historic buildings
  • Things with shapes that can be described algebraically
  • Stacked spheres, like fruits or cannonballs

You can also check out our Mathematics is Everywhere website for more inspiration.

Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung
The Mathematics is Everywhere Worldwide Video is a joint project of the German Mathematical Society and IMAGINARY for the IDM and IMU.