Be part of our worldwide Video

We are putting together a collective video for the first official International Day of Mathematics centered on this year’s topic Mathematics is Everywhere. Clips from all over the world (including yours!) will illustrate the various places where math can be found.

The final video, made up from the best submissions received, will be presented at the IDM launch event at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, at the African launch in the Next Einstein Forum 2020 and shared online.

How to participate


Record a short video (15 seconds or less) where you show something that people might not realize is interesting mathematically: something from nature, a human activity, art, a game, a building, bridge or construction, an interesting landmark from your city, etc.


Say "Mathematics is in ____" completing the sentence with your chosen example. That should be the only spoken text in the video.
Speak in your language! We hope to show many languages from all over the world.


Use a paper sign, drawing, diagram, formula, animation, blackboard, or whatever you can come up with to show a little bit of the mathematics, reveal or illuminate why what you're showing has mathematics behind it.
Surprise us!

Watch the video above to see some examples!

Collaborate with your friends, colleagues or students in your video. Also help us spread the word by sharing this page with your local math community and network.

Need ideas?

  • The distribution of seeds or number of petals in flowers.
  • Fractals in nature.
  • Patterns in the skins of animals and wings of insects.
  • Architectural landscapes: suspension bridges, arches, structures.
  • Mathematics in music
  • Interesting tilings in your city's streets
  • Decorative tesselations in historic buildings
  • Things with shapes that can be described algebraically
  • Stacked spheres, like fruits or cannonballs

You can also check out our Mathematics is Everywhere website for more inspiration.

Some extra indications

  • Take a horizontal (landscape) video, not vertical (portrait).
  • Record your video in HD format (1920x1080, also called 1080p) or better.
  • To help us edit wait a few seconds after starting recording before you say or show something and also wait a few seconds before you stop the recording.
  • Don't include background music unless it's part of your example (e.g. "Mathematics is in music"), but even then make sure the music is not copyrighted.

Technical tips

  • Don't compress the video, we need it in its original quality.
  • If you film using your phone or tablet preferably use the back camera, which usually has better quality than the one in front.
  • Make sure the lighting is sufficient (outdoors during the day or indoors in a well lit room. The more light, the better. Bringing in extra lamps from other rooms usually helps a lot).
  • Make sure that any sound/voice is produced near the microphone of your camera. Avoid recording in noisy or windy areas.

Send us your video

You have time to send us your video until February 21, 2020.

Upload your video file to a file sharing service like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive or any other which allows us to download your file through a link without signing up. You can also use your own web server if you have one and know how. Don't send us links to video services like YouTube because we may not be able to download the video from them.

Submit your video
Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung
The Mathematics is Everywhere Worldwide Video is a joint project of the German Mathematical Society and IMAGINARY for the IDM and IMU.