International Day of Mathematics. March 14.

The International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a worldwide celebration. Each year on March 14 all countries will be invited to participate through activities for both students and the general public in schools, museums, libraries and other spaces.


On November 26, 2019, the 40th session of the General Conference, UNESCO proclaimed March 14 as the International Day of Mathematics. The first official celebration will be on March 14, 2020.

March 14 is already celebrated in many countries as Pi Day because that date is written as 3/14 in some countries and the mathematical constant Pi is approximately 3.14.

The International Day of Mathematics is a project led by the International Mathematical Union with the support of numerous international and regional organizations.

People and organizations all over the world are already preparing events in their cities:

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You can attend or even organize activities wherever you are. In the coming weeks this website will incorporate:

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A new theme every year

Every year we'll announce a new theme to flavor the celebration, spark creativity and bring light to connections between mathematics and all sorts of fields, concepts and ideas.

The theme for 2020 is

Mathematics is Everywhere

  • Mathematics help plan and manage economic and social systems enabling the move towards a sustainable use of resources.
  • We travel the world guided by precise mathematical calculations based on the position of the sun, stars and GPS satellites.
  • We explore the inside of the human body through CT scans and MRI by building images out of numerical data through mathematical algorithms.
  • We discover how human thought works by building AI software that can learn and make decisions through mathematic models.
  • We photographed a black hole and continue exploring the edges of the universe with mathematics.

Support for the International Day of Mathematics

The International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is supported by the following international and regional organizations: